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February 18th 2017

Gorton Aqueduct Working Party

The WRG (Waterway Recovery Group) working hard to clear brambles, trees and rubbish from the aqueduct.  On the left Graham Burns and Liz Watson from Manchester and Stockport Canal Society and Ian Watson can be seen installing the heritage plaque on the towpath by the aqueduct.  (Please click here to see photos of the plaques.)

WRG van

Our chairman Roger Bravey arriving at the aqueduct site

Roger Bravey and Peter Scott on the towpath by the aqueduct

The aqueduct and towpath after the clear-up - a big difference!

Saturday August 19th 2017

Clayton Hall Open Day

Gwen Scott at the MSCS stall in Clayton Hall grounds

Sunday August 20th 2017

North Reddish Park Fun Day

Gwen Scott, Liz Watson, Graham Burns and Walter Brett (Deputy Mayor of Stockport) at the MSCS

stall in North Reddish Park

Saturday September 23rd 2017

Openshaw Festival

Fay and Roger Bravey, Graham Burns, and Peter and Gwen Scott at the MSCS stall at the

Openshaw Festival in Lime Square

Sunday September 24th 2017

Manchester Road Park Friends Fun Day

A scene from the Manchester Road Park Friends Fun Day at Ash Grove, Stockport,

which the Society also attended

The opening of the Mancheter Road Park Friends Fun Day by Deputy Mayor Walter Brett

These recent events have been very successful.  We have gained 8 new members and several “friends” of the society.  We hope to see our new members at our AGM on the 22nd October - please come along.

2017 Newsletter.  Click here

Wednesday October 4th 2017

Our chairman Roger Bravey has sent a submission to the Stockport Local Plan 2017 to have the line of the original canal recognised as a “blue/green” corridor of open space.  Please click  here  for details of the submission.

Please click  here  for extra information concerning Stockport Local Plan 2017

Saturday to Monday, October 21st to 23rd 2017

Stockport Canal Clean Up

Ogden Lane bridge after the litter pick, Sunday, 22nd October

Ashton Old Road bridge after the litter pick on Monday, 23rd October

Ian Watson on the steps by Ashton Old Road bridge

Lots of litter bags near the Ashton Old Road bridge!

Some volunteers from the litter pick - from 2nd left:  Fay and Roger Bravey from MSCS,

Mrs. Kinniburgh and Charles Kinniburgh from SUSTRANS

More volunteers from the litter pick - far left:  Andy Screen from TAG;  far right:  Graham Burns from MSCS.

The photo was taken by John Foley, also from MSCS

Please click on the links below for two articles covering the litter pick in the Manchester Evening News Thursday November 9th :-

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